Miyako Happy Hour Times & Menu 2024

Welcome to the amazing deal in Happy Hour events in 2024. Indulge in an outstanding selection of Japanese cuisine at affordable prices during Happy Hour deals.

In this article, we will explore Miyako Happy Hour times & menu 2024. Don’t miss out on this amazing deal, you must go with friends and families and enjoy this incredible moment.

Miyako Happy Hour Times In 2024

Here are all-day Happy Hour Times in Miyako in 2024. You can easily check and implement in your life schedule this happy hour deal.

Miyako Happy Hour Times
Miyako Happy Hour DaysMiyako Happy Hour Times
Monday3 pm to 7 pm
Tuesday3 pm to 7 pm
Wednesday3 pm to 7 pm
Thursday3 pm to 7 pm
Friday3 pm to 7 pm

Miyako Happy Hour Menu In 2024

Miyako Happy Hour Menu

Here Miyako offers a happy hour menu in 2024, don’t miss this amazing chance to catch this Miyako happy hour deal:

Miyako Happy Hour DayMiyako Happy Hour Food & DrinksAverage Price
MondayFood: Salmon Carpaccio, Super Escolar, Katsudon Chicken, Rock & Roll, House Salad, 7 Spice Calamari, Katsudon Pork, Chicken Karaage, Beef Sashimi, California Hand Roll, and Sushi Rolls.
Drinks: House Wines, Cocktails, Mojitos, Sake Bombs, and Martinis.
$3 – $12
TuesdayFood: California Hand Roll, Rock & Roll, Super Escolar, Chicken Karaage, Katsudon Chicken, Beef Sashimi, Salmon Carpaccio, Sushi Rolls, 7 Spice Calamari, and Katsudon Pork.
Drinks: Sake Bombs, Martinis, Mojitos, Cocktails, and House Wines.
$3 – $12
WednesdayFood: Beef Sashimi, 7 Spice Calamari, Rock & Roll, Katsudon Chicken, Chicken Karaage, California Hand Roll, Super Escolar, and Katsudon Pork.
Drinks: Martinis, House Wines, Cocktails, Mojitos, and Sake Bombs.
$3 – $12
ThursdayFood: Katsudon Chicken, Salmon Carpaccio, Sushi Rolls, Katsudon Pork, Rock & Roll, Chicken Karaage, California Hand Roll, and House Salad.
Drinks: House Wines, Mojitos, Sake Bombs, and Martinis.
$3 – $12
FridayFood: Chicken Karaage, Katsudon Pork, California Hand Roll, 7 Spice Calamari, Salmon Carpaccio, Sushi Rolls, Super Escolar, Beef Sashimi, and Katsudon Chicken.
Drinks: House Wines, Cocktails, Mojitos, Sake Bombs, and Martinis.
$3 – $12
SaturdayFood: N/A
Drinks: N/A
SundayFood: N/A
Drinks: N/A

Miyako Food Menu Offer In Happy Hour 2024

During Happy Hour in Miyako give us amazing offers on the food menu in 2024:

Miyako FoodsAverage Price
Sushi Rolls$6
Super Escolar$11
Salmon Carpaccio$13
Rock & Roll$3.75
Katsudon Pork$12
Katsudon Chicken$12
House Salad$3
Chicken Karaage$7
California Hand Roll$4
Beef Sashimi$12
7 Spice Calamari$10.50
California Roll$5
Spicy Tuna Roll$6
Salmon Avocado Roll$7
Miso Soup$3
Vegetable Tempura$6
Chicken Yakitori$5
Shrimp Gyoza$6
Miso Soup$3
Chicken Teriyaki Skewers$7
Beef Negimaki$8
Agedashi Tofu$5
Ebi Tempura$7
Vegetable Sushi$6
Salmon Nigiri$4
Tuna Sashimi$7
Avocado Salad$5
Seaweed Salad$4.50
Chicken Katsu$8.50
Dragon Roll$11

Miyako Drinks Menu In Happy Hour 2024

Here are Miyako drinks menu in the happy hour deal 2024:

Miyako Drinks Menu In Happy Hour
Miyako Happy Hour DrinksAverage Price
Sake Bombs$5
House Wines$5
Sake (Hot/Cold)$5
Draft Beer (Pint)$3
House Wine (Glass)$4
Specialty Cocktail$6
Japanese Whisky$8
Plum Wine$6
Mai Tai$7
Sake Sangria$8
Lychee Martini$6
Tokyo Mule$7
Japanese Highball$8
Yuzu Sour$6
Japanese Craft Beer (Can)$5
Green Tea Mojito$7
Sakura Blossom Cocktail$8

What Distinctive Offerings Are Available During Miyako’s Happy Hour?

During Miyako Happy Hour amazing offers are available and there showcases a curated menu, containing signature dishes like Rock & Roll, Chicken Karaage, Beef Sashimi, and paired with refreshing beverages including Mojitos, Sake Bombs, and house-special Cocktails.

Don’t miss out on this outstanding offer you must go and chill for the enjoyable moments.

What Are The Prices During Miyako’s Happy Hour?

During Happy Hour, prices are extremely discounted compared to regular menu prices. Miyako in Happy Hour prices start from $3 to $12. Please refer to the Miyako Happy Hour Menu 2024 for specific pricing information.

Is Miyako Happy Hour California Available Every Day in 2024?

During Happy Hour availability may vary depending on the restaurant’s policy. Some spots may offer it every day, while others may have specific days or times during Miyako Happy Hour California in 2024.

Are Drinks Included In Miyako’s Happy Hour Specials?

Yes, Miyako offers huge discounted prices on your favorite drinks during happy hour deals. Enjoy refreshing beer, sake, cocktails, and more at affordable prices.

Can I Order From The Regular Menu During Happy Hour?

Yes, you can easily order from the regular menu while Happy Hour in 2024, Miyako offers a full menu with a wide choice of Japanese dishes outside of Happy Hour times.

Is There A Minimum Spend Requirement During Happy Hour?

Miyako does not charge a minimum spend requirement during Happy Hour. Feel free to be satisfied with your favorite dishes and drinks without any anxiety.

Is There A Miyako Restaurant Near Me Offering Happy Hour Specials?

Yes, You can easily find a Miyako’s restaurant nearest you offering Happy Hour deals, you just simply use our website’s locator feature or contact your nearest Miyako Happy Hour location for more information.


Miyako Happy Hour shows a delightful opportunity for customers to indulge in the cooking cuisine delights of Japanese cuisine at discounted prices. Whether you want sushi rolls, refreshing drinks, or appetizers, Happy Hour in Miyako offers an attractive collection of options to satisfy your taste at an affordable price.

With its relaxed atmosphere and enticing specials, Miyako Happy Hour 2024 provides a welcoming getaway from the rush and busyness of daily life. So, whether you’re a sushi lover or simply seeking a memorable cooking adventure, Happy Hour Miyako promises an enjoyable tour filled with great food and drinks.

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